These are the testimonials written by the reviewers of the book:

“It has been a delight to read this book, walk through how software is created, understand today’s challenges and insights to deliver high-quality software in a world that focuses on return-on-investment and therefore views software much like an iceberg only seeing what appears above water. However, this book offers the reader a deeper dive below the product surface revealing the size and complexity of software quality. Definitely a must read!”

Robert Bowman, sr. Embedded Software Engineer, Bosch

“This book covers all aspects of software quality in a concise and comprehensive way. It is pragmatic and is a source of many good tips in this field. Ger Cloudt has used his experience in industry to write an excellent book about my favorite topic.”

Paul Jansen, CEO, TIOBE Software

“For me the most important aspect of this book is the explicit consideration of Software Quality in respect to a software life-cycle which implies the special focus on maintainability.”

FH-Prof. Dr. Christian Neureiter, Director, Josef Ressel Center

“In this book Ger describes what it practically means to deliver high quality software. He clearly shows what processes/activities should be in place in order to achieve this.  He does not solely focus on the development of software itself but also considers what it means to develop, evolve, and maintain a software product (or in-product software) over time. This book offers a good overview of what I have experienced during my career in the high-tech industry.”

Koen Schilders, Business Development Manager, Enter

“Ger states in his book that Software runs the world…., and I can add that we, the people that develop the software, rule the world. But the perception is that we are not doing that well. You can easily find news about software bugs that cost millions or even human lives. When you read Ger’s book, you will understand that software quality is more than just testing alone, it is a mind-set about Quality and Clean Code. Quality is related to organization, not only to code, design and product. And at the end it is all about craftsmanship in software development. I’m convinced that after reading this book you will be a better programmer, tester, manager or even recruiter who hires good people for software projects.”

Dr. Pavlin Dobrev, Director, Bosch.IO

“This is much needed and an exceptionally useful book. My key takeaways from the book are the complete view on software quality, its enablers, how to measure it, what quality debt is and how to address and mitigate quality debt in a responsible way. The pragmatic actions presented in this book will not only improve business results, but even more importantly to a healthier and effective organization.”

Yogesh Khambia, Agile Master, Bosch

“Ger has succeeded in writing a digestible and practical narrative that provides managers with an essential guide to the anatomy of quality software development. Equipped with this knowledge, practical collaboration and comprehensive decision-making surrounding software development efforts should be much smoother on a day-to-day basis than without it. Starting with the basics to open the often perceived ‘black box’ of quality software development, he takes the reader on some deep dives which are also valuable to the more experienced ICT professional. His ‘1+3 = team first’ approach is an important pointer to the right mindset, individual behavior and focus on the quality of interactions among all stakeholders. These are the ultimate keys to continuous improvement and sustainable success.”

Drs. Alexander Hermanns, specialist in High Reliability Organizing in IT, AgileSource

“Although achieving software quality is not an easy task requiring many aspects of software development to be organized and deployed well, this book presents a set of basic quality practices that should be in place in any software development organization.”

Hans Aerts, VP Software Engineering, TomTom Automotive